PREMIUM FLEET Tracking – With “TRU Track” real time Tracking Technology

Powerful, intuitive Fleet control of unsurpassed quality reliability and accuracy…

Give your business Instant live access to Your team on the road like never before!

Benefits and Features of Mobilized GPS – PREMIUM FLEET  Tracking Products and Services.

  • Extreme Return On Investment with Multi-Range Reporting Functionality providing Full Range GPS Data Collection and reporting.
  • “TRU Track” real time Tracking Technology
  • Reduce vehicle operating costs
  • Maximise vehicle productivity
  • Theft Protection/Insurance Savings
  • Encourage accountability of staff
  • Monitor and improve operational productivity and efficiency
  • Provide accurate billing of field staff time
  • Resolve customer and operational queries accurately and promptly
  • Ensure safety of vehicles and employees
  • Job cost analysis
  • Offer world class customer service

With Mobilized GPS, you are able to gain the benefits you were previously unable to track in your fleet. You can easily see what time your staff are starting and finishing work, and how long they are on site. This, combined with ensuring they are taking the best routes between jobs, means an increase in chargeable time and a reduction in downtime and running costs.

Examples of Savings for GPS Tracking in general

Increasing Chargeable Hours

If an employee has a charge out rate of $60.00 per hour for an 8 hour day, and work at 80%

efficiency they have 6.4 chargeable hours.

If through improved visibility, GPS tracking achieves a 10% improvement through more completed

jobs, that’s an extra 40 chargeable minutes per day.

• Total hours paid to employee

• Current average hours charged (6 hours 24 min)

• Additional time charged with GPS (40 min)

That’s an increase of $40.00 per day, or $9,400.00 per year Lower Mileage

Reducing the distance travelled is the most effective way to reduce direct vehicle costs.

If it costs $0.50 per kilometre to run a vehicle, and you achieve a reduction of 100 kilometres in

a week…

That’s a saving of $50.00 per week, or$2,350.00 per year

That’s just two simple examples of how Mobilized GPS can save or make you money. Other ways to save could include lower vehicle maintenance costs as a result of monitoring driver behaviour, lower

insurance premiums and increased business due to more satisfied customers.


Optional Extras


Receive Panic and Alarm activation emails with our range of security devices. All additional

security devices require additional installation.

Panic Button

Protect the wellbeing and security of your staff by installing a Vehicle Mounted Panic Button. When the button is pressed, the tracking unit and Mobilized GPS website send TXT and Email alerts to nominated mobile numbers and email addresses.

Panic buttons are commonly used by Taxi Drivers, and security patrol staff who can find themselves in dangerous situations.

Alarm Integration

Integrate with your vehicles Star Rated Alarm- receive a TXT message or email if your alarm is triggered. Also use the lock/unlock TXT commands to lock or unlock your vehicle or set/unset the alarm remotely.


The Mobilized GPS platform provides an interface for custom software to access all of the information that is accessible from interface is a web service using the protocol REST. This makes it possible to integrate your internal software systems with the Mobilized GPS Platform.

Rest API

Accessible information includes:

• Vehicle information, for example vehicle name, colour, make and model, also Registration dates.

• Current location information, address, Lat Lon, speed, state etc.

• Historic information.

• Defined Place information

You can also modify vehicle information, and create new Defined Places.


Support for KML has been added to the Mobilized GPS web application to enable corporate customers to add their own data onto Mobilized GPS maps, and to view this data alongside vehicle locations.

KML (Keyhole Mark-up Language) is an industry standard XML dialect for representing various forms of geographic information.

A few examples of what can be achieved by integrating with the Mobilized GPS platform:

• Show live job information on the same map that has your fleet on it to improve dispatch efficiency.

• Run custom reports on your vehicles at scheduled times e.g. KPI reports.

• Show task centric views on the Mobilized map e.g. “Show one vehicle and all of its jobs for the day”

• Automate job status updates within your backend systems using vehicle locations.

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