Covert Executive

$299.00 {inc. GST} + Postage Rates

Track, Immobilize, SOS Distress, Over Speed and On-line Monitoring.

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Our “COVERT Executive” GPS Tracking device connects to our “WAY Track” Tracking system with a yearly tracking fee of $65 and purchase fee & that’s it.

These units are perfect for keeping track of your vehicles, estimating arrival times for delivery and service vehicles. Perfect for theft and easy vehicle recovery when stolen and with the Executive you can even immobilize your vehicle remotely and use the included SOS/Distress option. The Covert PRO unit is value for money with a fantastic price tag of just $299

Using our “WAY Track” Tracking System to track your vehicles position, your location uploaded to our servers so that you can view the data as a label on your on-line account in almost real time! An unbelievable 3 – 5 seconds of delay live in your browser on any device anywhere!

(*Usage charges apply. EXCESS  use of the “Text to Locate” function is charged at a rate of $0.50 per enquiry. 10 SMS Queries per year are included in the $65 annual tracking fee. SMS location is only designed for emergency theft or driver non response, all tracking data is available on your online account for 12 months. You can supply you own sim card if desired to allow for regular SMS Queries, however this will not affect the purchase price of your device)


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