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Waterproof GPS, Track your Boat, Jet ski, Motorbike!

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Secure your Motorbike, Scooter, Boat, Jet Ski and more..In fact as long as you have access to 12 – 24v power the Mobilized GPS micro can track your ANYTHING!

With an integrated motion sensor the Mobilized GPS micro is capable of sending an SMS Alert to any number you choose should it even move and with our geofence technology the Mobilized GPS Mini can also send an SMS alert should your vehicle leave any set area.

The Mobilized GPS micro boasts a full waterproof casing and wiring loom to enable literal submersion in water without effecting the performance of the product.

Built to Mobilized GPS exacting specifications, the Waterproof micro might look similar other products on the market but with our exclusive “WAY Track” GPS Tracking Technology built in it’s a weatherproof and durable quality theft prevention product unmatched by its look alikes.


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