Plug N TRU PageKnowing the power of GPS we created Mobilized GPS Log Book Rental. Simply install our “Plug N TRU” unit into your OBD2 plug next to your fuse panel and your vehicle is connected to our powerful TRU Track GPS Logging System.

The Plug N TRU turns itself on, there is no software to install on your PC or devices, the Plug N TRU syncs automatically with our servers giving you precise “LIVE” viewing of your tracked vehicle via any web browser, on any PC or mobile device.

Create a multitude of reports from distances travelled to stops made with duration by day week month, year or any period you like. Create over speed alerts and geo-FENCES to pinpoint the data you actually need.

The logged data is uploaded to the Mobilized GPS server LIVE! so when its on, its logging!


  • Small and inconspicuous with no cables required.
  • Intuitive LED indicator provides feedback on device state (GPS/GPRS Connectivity) fix, memory nearly full etc.).

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