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Mobilized GPS Premium Fleet Tracking – The Software and the Products

Mobilized GPS PREMIUM is a GPS Vehicle Tracking/Web Based Mapping and reporting application, there is no software to install on your computer. The system can be accessed through any internet ready PC. You simply log in with your username and password to view your vehicles. Mobilized GPS includes real time map views of your vehicles locations, a suite of easy to use reports and two-way messaging with the vehicles.

Hardware is installed in each vehicle which sends the vehicle location and other information back to Mobilized GPS. Unit firmware is upgradable “over the air” and new features are frequently added. As a result, when upgrades are available, they are ‘rolled out’ to all Mobilized GPS users. This gives customers the security of knowing they are investing in technology that will grow with their business.

TRU Track GPS™

TRU Track GPS™ tracking is unlike anything else in the GPS Tracking industry. Mobilized GPS records the actual path travelled by a vehicle, rather than incremental points along the path. This provides a level of visualisation and accuracy never before seen in GPS Vehicle Tracking. TRU Track GPS™ tracking is now the base of the core Mobilized GPS Platform, and is a key part of Mobilized GPS’s future development. Mobilized GPS is leveraging this technology to make advances in monitoring and reporting on driver behaviour, by recording acceleration, braking and cornering forces, along with high resolution position and speed information. Displaying the vehicles history, and running reports using this increased data will assist companies with saving money on vehicle wear and tear, fuel consumption, and help to prevent accidents. The Mobilized GPS platform is leading the way in GPS tracking and geographic reporting and our TRU Track GPS™ tracking is a large part of this evolution into the next generation of GPS tracking technology.

Why TRU Track GPS™ Tracking?

TRU Track GPS™ tracking gives the user an instant view of the vehicles activity for the day. The TRU Track GPS™ colours gradient based on the vehicles speed, blue showing slow/stopped, green showing 50kph and red showing 100kph and above. The quickness of the colour gradient displays how quickly the vehicle was accelerating and braking.

Stop clouds are also displayed when a vehicle has come to a standstill. The size of the blue stop cloud relates to the length of the stop (Short Stop – Small Cloud, Large Cloud – Long Stop).

Summary information is also shown in the side panel, to show journey start and finish times, max speed, travel time and distance travelled giving you everything required formaximising the performance of your fleet.

Mobilized GPS Features


View the current location of your vehicles on easy to read maps. Instantly view the vehicle status including ignition on or off, idle or moving. Review the vehicle history to ensure efficient routes are taken, and monitor speeds and driving performance.

Vehicles update their location every time they move 200 metres or when they stop.

The vehicle panel information includes the vehicles nearest street address and speed if the vehicle is moving.

Defined places (geofences) can be drawn on the map to display your bases and customer and supplier locations, providing you with the ability to run accurate ‘time on site’ and ‘activity’ reports on these locations.


Generate clear and precise reports on your vehicle’s activities, from Stops and Mileage reports to Time on Site. Also run reports to show when registration and warrant of fitness are due. (Currently in Beta)

Easy to read reports are created with the click of a button. Each report shows a summary of information on the first page, then detailed information on the following pages. Accurate street addresses are shown, unless overridden with the name of a Defined Place (geo fence).

Standard reports include:

• Activity Report

• Daily Summary Report

• Stops Report (Idle Time)

• Mileage Report

• Time on Site.

…just to name a few. All reports can be downloaded as a .pdf or as a .csv for opening in Excel.  Vehicle history and report data is available on line for two years.

Txt & Email Alerts

Mobilized GPS utilises TXT messaging and email, to alert you of events of interest to you.

TXT alerts include

• Vehicle battery low

• Unit internal battery low

• Vehicle exceeded preset speed

• Excessive G force (Crash – If installed as an optional extra)

• Alarm activation

• Panic/duress activation

Email alerts can be sent when

• Vehicle enters and exits Defined Places

• Excessive G force (Crash – If installed as an optional extra)

• Alarm activation

• Panic/duress activation

Messaging & Navigation

Send messages and locations directly from the Mobilized GPS map to a single vehicle or your entire fleet of vehicles. Taking advantage of Garmin’s Fleet Management Interface your field staff can respond using the vehicle mounted Garmin touch screen and automatically be routed to the desired address.

We currently support two Garmin Navigation units for messaging, to suit your requirements.

(Additional cable required)


Optional Extras


Receive Panic and Alarm activation emails with our range of security devices. All additional

security devices require additional installation.

Panic Button

Protect the wellbeing and security of your staff by installing a Vehicle Mounted Panic Button. When the button is pressed, the tracking unit and Mobilized GPS website send TXT and Email alerts to nominated mobile numbers and email addresses.

Panic buttons are commonly used by Taxi Drivers, and security patrol staff who can find themselves in dangerous situations.

Remote Duress

If drivers regularly leave the safety of their vehicle, remote pendants can be used to activate the panic feature.

There are a number of styles available including pendants and wrist watches. There are also options on range and signal strength.

Man Down/Lone Worker

Activate the panic feature automatically with a Man Down device worn on the lone workers belt.

Panic will be triggered if the device tilts to a near horizontal angle alerting that a staff member could be incapacitated.

Alarm Integration

Integrate with your vehicles Star Rated Alarm- receive a TXT message or email if your alarm is triggered. Also use the lock/unlock TXT commands to lock or unlock your vehicle or set/unset the alarm remotely.


The Mobilized GPS platform provides an interface for custom software to access all of the information that is accessible from interface is a web service using the protocol REST. This makes it possible to integrate your internal software systems with the Mobilized GPS Platform.

Rest API

Accessible information includes:

• Vehicle information, for example vehicle name, colour, make and model, also Registration dates.

• Current location information, address, Lat Lon, speed, state etc.

• Historic information.

• Defined Place information

You can also modify vehicle information, and create new Defined Places.


Support for KML has been added to the Mobilized GPS web application to enable corporate customers to add their own data onto Mobilized GPS maps, and to view this data alongside vehicle locations.

KML (Keyhole Mark-up Language) is an industry standard XML dialect for representing various forms of geographic information.

A few examples of what can be achieved by integrating with the Mobilized GPS platform:

• Show live job information on the same map that has your fleet on it to improve dispatch efficiency.

• Run custom reports on your vehicles at scheduled times e.g. KPI reports.

• Show task centric views on the Mobilized map e.g. “Show one vehicle and all of its jobs for the day”

• Automate job status updates within your backend systems using vehicle locations.

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