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Mobilized GPS Economy Business Fleet Tracking – The Software and the Products

Mobilized GPS – WAY Track is our Economy GPS Tracking and Reporting System. There is no software to install on your computer and the system can be accessed through any internet ready PC, Tablet or Smartphone.

You simply log in with your username and password to view all your business devices all in one convenient place.
WAY Track includes reporting interval adjustable delayed map views of your devices locations and a small selecti0n of reports. The design of our WAY Track GPS System has been geared to provide full data collection with infrequent data upload so as to extend the standby of our devices.

Hardware is pre-programmed to our “WAY Track” System and simply requires you to insert Your own SIM Card or the SIM Card we provide and then send a few SMS messages to finalise your set-up and businessise your devices.

Once these steps are completed your device sends its location and other information back to Mobilized GPS and you are ready to track your business assets.

Unit firmware is upgradable “over the air” and new features are frequently added. As a result, when upgrades are available, they are ‘rolled out’ to all Mobilized GPS users. This gives customers the security of knowing they are investing in technology that will grow with their business.

WAY Track GPS™

WAY Track GPS™ tracking is perfect for business users who are primarily concerned with property and staff being subjected to Theft, Abduction or simply getting lost. Our WAY Track GPS™ units record their path and logs that data internally for upload. Dependant on the setup requirements, adjustable upload times and specified making the device upload that data to update the online system with the devices path travelled. This provides a level of visualisation and accuracy that is more than acceptable to review the devices locations at the end of the day with major battery drain reduction due to potentially lower data upload frequency.

Why WAY Track GPS™ Tracking?

WAY Track GPS™ tracking gives the Super User an instant view of all activity for the day.


View the current location of Your devices on easy to read maps. Instantly view uploaded data from Your devices to review device history, to confirm attendance or see a recent locations.

Defined places (GEO Fences) can be drawn on the map to create an invisible boundary Your home, children’s school  and various locations, providing WAY with the ability to accurately determine ‘Arrival” and Departures for any GEO Fence Location.


  • Reporting features ample for the needs of most businesses and provide core data logging for reporting purposes
  • Accurate street addresses are shown, unless overridden with the name of a Defined Place (geo fence).

Standard reports include:

  • Activity Report Playback Feature online only
  • Time on Site
  • Geo Fence Boundary Crossing

Txt Alerts

WAY Track utilises TXT messaging and email, to alert Super Users of events of interest as defined in your account settings.

TXT alerts include

  • 10% internal battery low notification
  • Panic/duress activation
  • Into/Out of GEO Fence
  • Over speed Alerts
  • Tamper/Disconnected Alert
  • Movement (Optional)

Email alerts can be sent when

  • Device enters and exits GEO Fenced Areas
  • Panic/duress activation
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